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Compaq baute über Jahre sehr erfolgreich die so ziemlich größte Server-Familie aller PC Hersteller ...

... bis sie dann von HP geschluckt wurden. Glücklicherweise gab es bei HP aber doch einige unvoreingenommene Manager, die recht schnell erkannt haben, daß das Potential der Compaq Proliant Familien die der HP eigenen Server deutlich überstieg.

So wurden die HP eigenen PC Server-Produkte auslaufen lassen und die ex Compaq Proliants weiter entwickelt. Zum Glück und sogar mit Erfolg, kann im Nachhinein bei allem Disput über das Ableben der Marke Compaq gesagt werden.

Wir haben durch Zufall in der Menge der "White Books" von Compaq etwas gefunden. Es ist die Chronologie der Markteinführungen der Compaq Server seit 1993 und natürlich in englischer Sprache.

Hier also das Vorwort mit der Erklärung der Namen und Begriffe :

History of Innovation and Value-Add in Compaq Industry Standard Servers from June 2002

Abstract: Compaq systems provide features differentiating them from the competition. The number and variety of options andfeatures available for Compaq industry standard servers has grown rapidly and continues to grow.

This white paper supplies information about Compaq industry standard servers, features, and options, as well as providing historical references to communicate the rich heritage of Compaq innovation and leadership in the industry. It describes features for high availability, total cost of ownership (TCO), intelligent manageability, and security. It examines the industry standard server families.

The appendices provide a description of Compaq solution partners, feature and option descriptions, and a matrix of supported features server by server. This document is intended as a reference aid for those who want to understand how Compaq adds value to products.

Most of the features described in this paper are operating system independent but not all features are available on every operating system.

Important: All hardware and software products described in this document are pre-merger Compaq server products only and were
either included or updated in this paper prior to the HP and Compaq merger in May 2002.


Compaq innovations enhance the quality, reliability, maintainability, performance, and total cost of ownership (TCO) of its server products. Even the Compaq quality pledge reflects the commitment to listen to you in order to deliver the highest quality products, services, and solutions to ensure value and to contribute to your success. Over the years, Compaq often pioneered new technologies subsequently adopted as industry standards. Several vendors now market features like Automatic Server Recovery once found only on Compaq servers. Compaq engineered PCI Hot Plug technology, now adopted as an industry standard. Compaq, through its partnership with Corollary, developed the ProFusion 8-way chipset architecture. Expect research occurring at Compaq today to become industry-standard features tomorrow.

This document examines both the tangible and intangible features that make Compaq servers the number one choice for customers who demand quality, reliability, and manageability. For additional descriptions of these and other features, please refer to Appendix B–Feature Options and Descriptions.

High Availability
You employ systems to accomplish mission-critical functions central to the success of your operation and any loss of availability translates into a loss of time and money. To protect you from such losses, Compaq offers many features that ensure Compaq servers provide maximum uptime with minimal maintenance.

High availability involves providing three major classes of functionality:

Features designed to work around any failures without service interruption (fault management)
Features designed to prevent problems from occurring (fault prevention)
Features designed to reduce the time it takes to recover from failures (fault resilience)

Fault Management
Fault management provides a first line of defense against failures. These technologies enable you to route around potential faults and continue operating with little or no interruption of service. In many cases, fault management features incorporate redundancy. The features listed in Table 1 enable Compaq systems to work around potential failures without requiring immediate intervention or downtime.

Intelligent Manageability
Compaq pioneered manageability in the early 1990s and has led the industry since then by developing and driving industry standards. Compaq intelligent manageability solutions surpass minimum requirements and enhance management functionality to provide you with the bestmanaged systems. Compaq provides information products and service professionals to assist you with every step in your system deployment and management. Deployment tools manage both the configuration and integration of your server.

Compaq servers offer many features that enhance physical and logical security. Table 8 lists security features, broadly defined as features that provide controls over physical access, remote access over the network or modem, and access by other software methods.

Compaq Value-Add Solutions

Compaq continues to invest in and deliver essential software products to extend its leadership in management, deployment, version control and fault management while at the same time redefining server value to new levels of customer economic advantages and lower lifecycle operational costs.

Compaq Insight Manager 7 Service Pack 1
The Compaq Insight Manager 7 SP1 builds upon the industry-leading features of Compaq Insight Manager 7 by providing comprehensive management for the ProLiant BL e-Class blade servers and a inventory reporting engine. In addition to its ease of use, flexibility and scalability, this secure management tool comes with additional features tailored to blade management providing blade server visualization that pinpoints the exact position of blade servers within the enclosure and rack. The discovery filters enable customers to exercise granular control over the set of devices that they choose to manage.

ProLiant BL e-Class Integrated Administrator
The Integrated Administrator is a centralized management and monitoring system for the ProLiant BL e-Class enclosure and server blades. The Integrated Administrator acts as a combination terminal server and remote power controller, enabling out-of-band, secure, serial console connections to all server blades in the enclosure as well as provides enclosure health, server blade health, interconnect switch health and remote server manageability.

ProLiant Essentials Software Value Packs
Software value packs can activate advanced intelligence embedded in ProLiant servers to help your business excel. These software options help you adapt, conserve and respond to your customer needs in a dynamic IT environment. Packages include Rapid Deployment, Integrated Lights-Out Advanced, and Workload Management.

Compaq / Check Point Security SolutionPaq
Compaq has partnered with Check Point Security to deliver the Check Point Security SolutionPaq; an easy to deploy High Availability firewall/VPN solution based on Industry Standard ProLiant Servers and Industry leading Check Point Security Software. The SolutionPaq comes with a hardened Linux operation system, Rainfinity Rainwall software and WireX Management GUI. The software is all pre-loaded on the hard drive and the base configurations are orderable through one part number.

ProLiant Essentials Software Foundation Pack
Formerly the ProLiant Setup and Management Software Pack, these package ships at no cost with every ProLiant server. It includes Compaq SmartStart software for server deployment, Compaq Insight Manager 7 for server management, Version Control and Fault Management. It is the foundation for Adaptive Infrastructure.

Proactive Remote Service
Proactive Remote Service is a monitoring and problem reporting capability that enables ProLiant servers to automatically and proactively report service problems directly to Customer Support Centers. This service is available at no extra charge with qualified HP service contracts and provides detailed service event information to service professionals allowing them to minimize potential problems and maximize service response.

Proactive Remote Service for ProLiant servers is made possible through the integration of the fault monitoring and alerting capabilities of Insight Manager 7 with services technology. This offering contributes to delivering intelligent fault resilience in an Adaptive Infrastructure. Management Agents already installed on ProLiant servers gathers data on key system parameters and forwards alerts to the centralized management server with Compaq Insight Manager 7.

Compaq Insight Manager 7 continuously monitors your environment for problem alerts and forwards the service-related events to Compaq Intelligent Services Link. Compaq Intelligent Services Link ensures a secure, reliable Internet connection to Compaq for notification, diagnosis, and resolution of system problems.

Proactive Remote Service reduces IT support, labor and management costs by reducing time to repair, more efficiently allocating a customer's scarce resources and maximizing availability of a system. The end result is lower total cost of ownership and better return on IT investments.

Adaptive Infrastructure Framework

The Compaq strategy for delivering the Adaptive Infrastructure builds on the rich heritage of developing innovative products using open industry standards. The Adaptive Infrastructure blueprint illustrates the areas where Compaq is investing effort and expertise to deliver the next generation of technologies to our customers. This is translated in the evolution of the ProLiant family of products. Figure 2 illustrates the Compaq Adaptive Infrastructure Framework.

As part of its Adaptive Infrastructure framework, Compaq developed an innovative strategy for meeting customer requirements for rapid deployment, increased server density, and remote manageability. Compaq has developed a complete portfolio of modular, blade servers: the ProLiant BL™ product line. This line of products is specifically designed for adaptive computing and optimized for rapid deployment and automated provisioning. Compaq ProLiant BL e-Class systems are the first power-efficient, ultra-dense front-end server blades engineered to address the needs of space-constrained enterprises and service providers.

Later in 2002, Compaq plans to complete the BL portfolio by introducing the ProLiant BL p-Class systems that are designed for higher levels of performance and availability for mid-tier and back-end applications.

The Adaptive Infrastructure is integrated with value-added solutions and services from Compaq and third-party providers that will enable businesses of all sizes to scale up or down to meet changing IT demands.

ProLiant Essentials Software Foundation Pack is the foundation for Adaptive Infrastructure. Formerly the ProLiant Setup and Management Software Pack, these package ships at no cost with every ProLiant server. It includes Compaq SmartStart software for server deployment, Compaq Insight Manager 7 for server management, Version Control and Fault Management. It is the foundation for Adaptive Infrastructure. Compaq tightly integrates Compaq Insight Manager 7 Service Pack 1, ProLiant Essentials Software Value Packs, Compaq Content Delivery Solution and Compaq / Check Point Security SolutionPaq with industry standard servers and the Adaptive Infrastructure Framework.

Overview of Compaq Server Families

Compaq has developed both general-purpose and appliance servers for small, medium, and enterprise businesses with a range of products to meet customers’ server needs. In this section, we examine the Compaq server families and describe their hardware configurations and features.

Compaq ProLiant ML and DL servers ship standard with Compaq SmartStart and Compaq Insight Manager 7. Compaq SmartStart makes system configuration and software installation faster, easier, and more reliable.

The ProLiant BL server blades ship with a trial version of the ProLiant Essentials Rapid Deployment Pack as well as scripts to install major operating systems and the Compaq management agents and drivers.

Compaq Insight Manager 7 presents an intuitive systems management tool delivering fault, performance, and configuration management for Compaq servers and desktop clients.

Note: Compaq ProLiant BL e-Class and ProLiant p-class server blades do not ship with Compaq SmartStart.

Compaq Insight Manager 7 offers a Web-based browser interface to monitor Compaq servers and any HTTP, SNMP MIB-2, or DMI v2 compliant device.

Compaq Services provides a three-year, limited warranty, including Pre-Failure Warranty (coverage of hard drives, memory, and processors). Fully supported by a worldwide network of resellers and service providers, the warranty furnishes lifetime toll-free 24x7 hardware technical telephone support.

Note: Compaq ProLiant ML330 and Compaq ProLiant BL e-Class servers are shipped with a 1-year Pre-Failure Warranty provided by Compaq Services.

Other service offerings available through Compaq include a full range of CarePaq bundled hardware and software services:
Installation and start up
Extended coverage hours and enhanced response times
System management and performance services
Availability and recovery services

NeoServer Family (retired)
The Compaq NeoServer provides the easiest way to get a business on the Internet and build a first network. An integrated operating system makes it simple for you to manage all the functionality needed to run your business–without a dedicated keyboard, monitor, or mouse.

ProLiant Family
In 2001, Compaq shipped its fifth-millionth ProLiant server exhibiting the continuing trust of customers in the premier family of Compaq servers. Our engineering expertise and close working relationships with customers and software partners in designing, integrating, and testing servers allow us to design a comprehensive line of servers that best address customers' needs for IT environments. Leading software companies often develop their applications on ProLiant platforms, providing you the most stable and interoperable environment available.

The positioning framework developed for the ProLiant line makes it easy to select the correct ProLiant server for your needs. You can choose from three lines based on your environment:

Compaq ProLiant BL Line Advantage consists of ultra-dense server blades optimized for rapid deployment and provisioning, ideal for space-constrained enterprises and service providers. The Compaq ProLiant BL e-Class server blades introduced in early 2002 are the first power-efficient, ultra-dense edge server blades engineered for the enterprise and are part of the ProLiant BL portfolio. Integrated infrastructure design allows deployment in industry standard racks. The modular BL servers are optimized for use with the ProLiant Essentials Rapid Deployment Pack for automatically configuring and installing operating systems and applications up to hundreds of servers simultaneously.

This line of products is specifically designed for adaptive computing and optimized for rapid deployment and automated provisioning. Compaq ProLiant BL e-Class systems are the first power-efficient, ultra-dense front-end server blades engineered to address the needs of spaceconstrained enterprises and service providers

ProLiant BL server blades are divided into 2 classes:
e-Class – ultra-dense server blades designed for space- and power-efficiency at the frontend
p-Class – server blades optimized for higher performance and availability for mid-tier and back-end applications.

Compaq ProLiant DL Line Advantage is the industry leader in the dense rack server market.

The open, serviceable chassis provides tool-free entry and easy access to critical components. A number of racking solutions supports various customer server environments, including rapid deployment and serviceability in Compaq racks, deployment in telecommunication and third-party racks, and a stackable desktop solution. Embedded technologies, such as Integrated Smart Array controllers, embedded network interface controllers and Integrated Lights-Out maximize functionality while minimizing server size. Upgrades to future server technology protect your server investment, while component commonality across the ProLiant line, including drives and memory, reduces spare parts inventory costs.

Compaq ProLiant ML Line Advantage is maximized for internal system expansion and is ideal for remote and branch office environments. The Compaq ProLiant ML line of servers is future proof with drive, slot, and memory expansion to provide investment protection. Large internal expansion eases server consolidation and a large slot count maximizes the number of high performance Smart Array Controllers, NICs, and HBAs that can be installed. An open, serviceable chassis with easy access to critical components using limited tools ensures an easy upgrade to future server technology. Outstanding manageability features including Compaq SmartStart, Compaq Insight Manager, Front Panel LED status indicators, and support for Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition provide a lower total ownership cost. Unsurpassed software integration enables rapid deployment All ML Line servers are available in both tower and rack configurations.

You can choose from three series numbers within each of the ML and DL lines for the server designed to fit the needs of your applications:

300 - File/print and domain server, web servers, small databases and applications
500 - Complex web applications, large databases and critical file server applications
700 - Very large databases, server consolidation and multi-application tasks

The many options available on every Compaq ProLiant server offer you the best fit for your individual requirements for cost, performance, and availability.

Prosignia Family (retired)
The Prosignia system architecture built on the success of the Systempro family, while providing more compact packaging. Designed to match the computing needs and budgets of growing businesses, Prosignia servers met file, print, database, and communication and expanded as your business grew. Prosignia servers came standard with Compaq SmartStart and Compaq Insight Manager.

Systempro Family (retired)
The Systempro family represented the first Compaq server family. Innovative features, such as eight standard internal drive bays and the FlexSMP multiprocessor architecture laid the foundation upon which other Compaq server products were built.

TaskSmart Family
The TaskSmart Servers, a family of appliance servers tuned and optimized for specific applications, complements the ProLiant general-purpose servers. These servers advance smarter solutions from the original Compaq SmartStart and Compaq Insight Manager 7 through ActiveAnswers and Intelligent Cluster Administration as well as driving high-volume, standardsbased hardware innovation.

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